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Don’t Take The Risk!

EUdefense offers a solution so simple it's known as an "install and forget" solution to prevent malware threats.

Nearly 1 million new malware threats released every day. Can you take a chance to lose your important records, images and data?

The following is a picture from ABC's News report on how many viral attacks have been detected and dealt with by famous companies like Apple and even NASA!

How It Works!

It's as easy as "Run, Next, Finish".

1.No setup - "Install and Forget"
2.No questions to answer - it's all done automatically
3.No updates required - auto check every 15 minutes
4.No upgrades required - auto upgrades upon release
5.No renewals to remember - auto renewal

A report is generated and emailed to you once a month showing usage and detections per device.

abc news on Viruses                  Taken on 10-09-2015 from ABC's news on electronic viruses.